Policy Research and Engagement

Early childhood policies at all levels of government impact what services families have access to, the quality of those options, and who can receive them. 

They determine the affordability of childcare, what children should know before they enter kindergarten, and the availability of home visiting and behavioral health services, to name just a few. 

ECE Insights understands the power of policy to determine outcomes for young children and their families. Our services will help you assess your options, engage stakeholders in identifying solutions, and communicate with decision makers. We can:

  • Facilitate policy conversations and public engagement processes
  • Conduct policy scans and literature reviews
  • Survey and interview key stakeholders and those impacted by implemented policy options
  • Analyze the feasibility and effectiveness of proposed policy options
  • Communicate findings in accessible briefs, blogs, fact sheets, social media posts, and infographics

Contact us to learn about how our policy research and engagement services can help you achieve your policy goals.