Areas of Expertise

Diverse group of children and adults holding hands

Social-Emotional and Behavioral Health

From birth, children begin to learn how to interact with others and regulate their emotions. As they grow, they learn how to share, take turns, and express their needs. These skills are crucial for building relationships and engaging in more formal learning opportunities, including child care, preschool, and, ultimately, elementary school. 

ECE Insights understands the system of supports and policies that foster children’s social-emotional well-being, including:

  • Parent education and home visiting
  • Professional development and coaching for caregivers and teachers
  • Infant and early childhood mental health consultation
  • Suspension and expulsion reductions

Stakeholders in the field are continuously piloting new strategies in this growing area. Reliable data and information about these innovative solutions and related policy options can help organizations and decision makers develop services and programs that support young children’s social-emotional well-being. 

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ECE Insights’ Founder and Principal, Meg Franko, designed and led the evaluation of LAUNCH Together, a five-year early childhood mental health systems initiative in Colorado. The cross-site evaluation explored how community-specific strategies impacted systems, program, workforce, and family outcomes. Five communities implemented strategies in:

  • Behavioral health in primary care
  • Mental health consultation in early care and learning
  • Enhanced home visitation
  • Family strengthening
  • Screening and assessment

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