Areas of Expertise

Early Childhood Systems

The early childhood system is complex. It is a fragmented array of services, funding sources, standards, and programs crossing early learning, health, mental health, and family support domains. 

Key systems factors can impact the success of policy and programmatic initiatives, including:

  • The political and leadership context
  • Programs and services operating within each domain
  • Connections across the system
  • Funding structures, data systems, and other core infrastructure

ECE Insights knows that the complexity of the system complicates policy and program solutions, while also offering rich opportunities for cross-sector innovations and collaborations. 

Reliable data about systems functioning can lead to better decisions that support positive outcomes for children and families. ECE Insights’ understanding of early childhood systems dynamics, combined with strong research and evaluation skills, give us a unique ability to support policy and program solutions for the sector.

ECE Insights’ Founder and Principal, Meg Franko, directed the Denver Early Childhood Council, a local systems-building intermediary, before joining the Colorado Department of Education as the cross-site evaluator for all 34 early childhood councils in the state. She brings this deep understanding of the complexity of the early childhood system to all of ECE Insights’ research and evaluation work.

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