Better Data. Better Programs. Better Policies. Better Outcomes for Young Children and Families.

ECE Insights helps the early childhood sector use data to develop policies and programs that support young children and their families.

About Us

ECE Insights is a trusted and accessible research and evaluation partner with a deep understanding of the early childhood field. We bring integrity, independence, approachability, and respect to all our work.

ECE Insights offers:

  • A deep understanding of the early childhood sector and early childhood policy
  • Trusted methodological approaches applied within real world timelines
  • Independence from outside influences
  • The ability to communicate complex information in accessible ways
  • A personal touch and commitment to helping you achieve your goals

Our Services

Policy Research and Engagement

Early childhood policies define how problems facing young children and families are solved. They impact what services families have access to, the quality of those options, and who can receive them.

Program Evaluation

Funders, policy makers, public agencies, and program organizations want to know how the innovations and programs they invest in or operate are helping young children and their families.

Data Use Capacity Building

ECE Insights is committed to helping our clients develop a data use culture and technical capacity so they can use information to support young children and their families.

Data and Outcome Communications

Data is a powerful tool for communicating the impact of your program. ECE Insights understands how to translate complex data and information into engaging products you can use.

Areas of Expertise

Early Care and Learning

Research is clear: enriching and engaging early childhood experiences support children to develop and learn. Formal and informal early care and learning structure are a key part of that development.

Early Childhood Systems

The early childhood system is complex. It is a fragmented array of services, funding sources, standards, and programs crossing early learning, health, mental health, and family support domains.

Family Well-Being

Families are children’s first teachers. They support and nurture their earliest development. The well-being of the family is central to children’s health, social relationships, and learning engagement.

Social-Emotional and Behavioral Health

As kids grow, they learn how to share, take turns, and express their needs. These skills are crucial for building relationships and engaging in all learning opportunities.

Meg Franko

About Meg Franko, Ph.D.

Meg is an established researcher in early childhood policy, program implementation and systems building. She has years of experience producing and communicating knowledge that has advanced innovative programs, practices, and policies for young children and their families.

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